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Shaitan (2011)

How hard do you party? How high can you go? What’s your peak? When will you stop? What will happen if the Devil invites himself into your private party? You cannot stop until the Devil himself wishes to stop. The … Continue reading

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Always Kabhi Kabhi!

Undi the condi of my heart! No, I am not abusing anyone here, though I am entitled to, after watching this ridiculous movie. The self-proclaimed coolness of this movie is the biggest spoiler. So coming back to “Undi the condi”, … Continue reading

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X-Men “Intense” First Class

There are quite a few typical tools in narration. Film-makers accept them, utilise them and move on. But the creators of X-Men movies are a different bunch and the brightest one among these had thought that adopting a “flash-back” within … Continue reading


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Renaissance Era of Roger!

  Roger, who finished the match with the 18th ace of the match, stood there and displayed the ever-green and universal truth revolving the “LEGEND” phenomena ! The semi-final clash that went past 3 hours, could very well be compared … Continue reading

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