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Ghajini — Review

Since I have grown up watching the Tamil version of Ghajini .. that was released in or around 2005, I would like to focus on the difference between Hindi and Tamil versions of Ghajini.   Aamir Khan – known to be … Continue reading

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Madagascar Escape 2 Africa Review

Guess almost after3 years since the first version of the Madagascar movies released, the sequel, promises to be as good as the Original.   The sequel being upto my expectations, add to that IMAX movie experience, made my weekend.   The film opens with … Continue reading


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My Latest Poem

Escape I had escaped into the vastness Of nothingness Where one never had to measureWork done/ time taken Where even the speechless cropsExhibited discipline Where life started by the SunriseAnd ended by the Sunset I had escaped into the vastnessOf nothingness Where a man’s word was … Continue reading

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