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Lockdown Gyan: Why moving to Chennai was the best decision my Father ever made!

My Father Srinivas Gowtham Mannava was born in Baapatla and studied in Guntur (near Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh). He was into stage acting during his childhood and had moved around all of Andhra Pradesh in his capacity as a stage actor. … Continue reading

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Vedanta in Dating

Ok, so 5, 000 (yes, Five Thousand!) Years ago, what was the most toughest task in Indian Civilization? Think deep. People were all goodnatured back then. At least that’s what we can deduce since they didn’t have a greed based … Continue reading

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Community based Matrimonials in India : Facilitators or Distinguishers?

I was watching a regional (Tamil) comedy channel on TV. I was inconveniently surprised to see a matrimony ad where two people are happily married because they married within the same caste. Being within the same caste helped them understand … Continue reading

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