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American Hustle : True to its title

Hustle in local slang means to earn a living through illicit or unethical means. It is surprising that two movies nominated to Oscars in 2013 were movies on unethical earning. The common American janta is perfectly fine if a fictional … Continue reading

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Rishikesh : Where the mind goes blank

What’s the place on earth where you can get ‘Rudraksh’ malaas; where you get t-shirts with Lord Krishna print on the front and back; where you open the balcony door and you get to see the Sacred Ganga river still in … Continue reading

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The Wolf of Wall Street : Tamed to be wild till death

I have never faced a situation like this before. Writing a review for a movie was never so tough for me. Words are flowing but I am thinking where to start, what all to capture in a 500 word review. … Continue reading

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