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John Wick is Keanu Reeves all over again!

So imagine a world where mafias run their own rules, their own hotels, their own Codes, their own currencies (Gold Coin) ! Doesn’t sound so new but not having to deal with the Government or Cops. So much so that … Continue reading

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OORUKKU 4 PERU (O4P) Short films in India were generally being made to convey a short and sweet message. Different approaches being sought to convey different point of views. They used to be educative initially. Like the boring documentaries of … Continue reading

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Interstellar – Who am I to review this spectacle

Ok. So what if I told you I am not writing this review. What if I told you it was Christopher Nolan who decided I will write this review. That too some 40 years ago. Infact this movie itself was … Continue reading

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