Always Kabhi Kabhi!

Undi the condi of my heart! No, I am not abusing anyone here, though I am entitled to, after watching this ridiculous movie. The self-proclaimed coolness of this movie is the biggest spoiler. So coming back to “Undi the condi”, it’s supposed to be the short-cut for ‘understand the condition’ which was supposed to sound cool! There is a song written on it too!

Always Kabhi Kabhi (AKK) is as confused as the title itself. Gives no message to the country’s teens and lacks direction. Agreed, what else can one expect from a teen movie? Hollywood teen movies like “Superbad” are definitely random, and deal with sensitive issues but at the same time they are entertaining as hell. That’s because their screenplay was intact. Randomness does not mean that you lose grip of the script.

AKK deals with teen pregnancy issue, it just pops-up and fades-off without proper depth or treatment. It deals with parental pressure on kids, which has become so repetitive in such movies, again no proper treatment. Student suicide, come-on give me a break, it’s too sensitive for this kinda movie. A high school student complaining to the teacher about his chemistry lab partner’s weekend intercourse trips? What was Roshan Abbas (the dirctor) thinking? Its a chemistry lab for gods’ sake, not a bar where you bitch about your girl going out with another guy!

The only saving grace of the movie are the casting and creatives departments. So if you remember correctly, what attracted you to buy the ticket at the box office? The “fresh-face promise” and the creative posters! Ali Fazal as Sameer Khanna, Giselli Monteiro as Aishwarya Dhawan, Zoa Morani as Nandini and Satyajeet Dubey as Tariq Naqvi are the prime cast. Lilette Dubey does justice to her role as the Arts teacher. Giselli Monteiro as the Juliette, is a great find, however her dubbing sucks! She looks more beautiful when she does not talk. Teenage girls still shriek their heart out upon sighting SRK for the item number in the end!

So what are producers looking for in bollywood movies these days? There is a full-blown “Fanta” commercial right in the middle of the movie, the cast is enacting it as part of the movie. So even before the movie releases, the producers want to recover their money, no matter how awkward the scene involving the brand goes. I kept questioning myself on why did i choose to watch this movie? Maybe two years down the line, we will start having commercial breaks on the large screen too? Creative endorsement at the cost of audiences’ entertainment looks like the future for smart production. Thanks Gauri Khan (Producer) for showing us the way. You shall be remembered for pestering audiences even on the big screen.

Good to miss the flick even on television! Trust me, you dont wanna spoil your high school memories! Let me get another aspirin while you guys can think what the title could possibly mean, Always Kabhi Kabhi!

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