X-Men “Intense” First Class

There are quite a few typical tools in narration. Film-makers accept them, utilise them and move on. But the creators of X-Men movies are a different bunch and the brightest one among these had thought that adopting a “flash-back” within a movie was a redundant narration concept. Thus was born “Prequel”, a new trend in the X-Men franchise. Director Matthew Vaughn could very well be called as the “Screen-Apprentice” to Christopher Nolan. Nolan created a niche for the Batman franchise with his movies “Batman Begins” and “Dark knight”.

Intense is the word for this movie. What carves such depth into Magneto’s (Michael Fassbender) character? Pain, Anger and Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon). Yes you guessed it right, Sebastian Shaw is the torch-bearer of the Mutants movement against Man-kind. Sebastian also has the most special mutation with which he can absorb/ engulf energy and re-transmit it. He envisions the war of worlds so that Mankind perishes leaving the earth to Mutants. In his ambition to identify and train the mutants, Sebastian ends up torturing Magneto so much that he creates his own destroyer. Magneto’s pursuit of Sebastian keeps the movie running. But hang-on, not all the Mutants are anti-mankind. Professor Charles (James McAvoy), a telepath, is a strong believer in peace with humans even when he is facing missiles from human war-ships. Kudos to the screenwriters – Ashley Edward Miller, Zack Stentz, Jane Goldman, Matthew Vaughn for making these three characters so strong and radiating on screen.

Magneto, the clear winner in the race of characters, makes you impatient and fills you with childish enthusiasm, even hours after watching the movie, if you see something made of iron you would stretch your palm in its direction and act as if you want to pull it towards yourself (you would also give out a low painful cry). Such is the intensity that the character leaves in your mind.

Says Professor X to Magneto while they are casually playing chess “Listen to me very carefully my friend, Killing will not bring you peace”. Magneto replies back with a stony expression and still eyes “Peace was never an option!” Divided by ideologies, but united by mutation. Sadly, mutation becomes the cause for their ultimate separation and that’s why we saw them as arch rivals in earlier movies like X-Men, X2, X-Men the final stand.

Watch out for the Hugh Jackman cameo when Professor X and Magneto set out to recruit mutants for the CIA (the crowd just goes all up, even though he doesn’t have those famous side-locks and his claws are normal). Every minute spent in the theater is worth the money!

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