Food Preferences in a Mumbai Family

When you (Varun Mannava) are from a strict vegetarian family and your partner (Shraddha) is from a strictly Non vegetarian family (from Mumbai) and that too with three siblings – one younger brother, one elder sister and one elder brother, you would want to appreciate and remember what their choices are. There is so much diversity and preferences in just one family. And when your partner keeps mentioning this every once in a while, its better to document it in a blog and share it.

This also acts as a reference whenever my partner quizzes me if I know what cuisine / dishes she likes. Now that she has started eating vegetarian more than ever for the last two years, it makes even more sense for me to document this for her future reference, just in case she forgets all the non vegetarian delicacies she used to like. What say? Ha!

Below are the preferences of my Partner’s Family! (in the words of my Partner)

Egg preferences :

Sunny side up – Shraddha, mother, younger brother,

Both sides fried – elder sister

Omelette – father

Any variety – elder brother

Dosa preferences :

Crispy dosa – mother

Soft dosa – father and Shraddha

Cheese dosa – younger brother (no tomat0)

Masala dosa – elder sister

Just dosa – elder brother

Sandwich preferences :

Cheese chilly toast (vegetables crushed) – father

Vegetable sandwich – mom (without cheese) ; Shraddha (with cheese)

Chutney masala sandwich – elder sister

No cheese sandwich – father

Sweets / Desserts preferences :

Bombay Halwa / Jalebi (soft)/ Motichur Laddu – father

Jalebi with Rabdi – younger brother

Crispy Jalebi – mother

Bengali sweets – Shraddha

All time sweet – Khalakand, Modak, Puran Poli

Fish Preferences:

Surmai – mother

Bangda – father, elder sister

Bombil – Shraddha, younger brother

Prwans – elder brother

Meat Preferences :

White meat – elder brother, father

Red meat (Mutton) – younger brother, Shraddha

Chicken Lollipop – all time favorite of Shraddha

Roti Preferences :

Plain Roti – father

Butter Roti – Shraddha

Garlic Naan – mother and elder brother

Any Roti – elder sister

Vegetables Preferences :

Bhindi / Brinjal. Last preference for everyone. Shraddha never tasted Paneer till got engaged with Varun Mannava. And no Rice ever for Shraddha.

And in My Family, the only preference is that my father doesn’t like Paneer. That’s all. My elder brother, mother and I eat anything and everything vegetarian. Obviously no Non Veg!

— Varun Mannava

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2 Responses to Food Preferences in a Mumbai Family

  1. Shweta shelke says:

    Hahhahaha…just loved the Minutes!!
    Though my preferences differ,but i liked the efforts,in remembering what the partners family members prefer..
    Great Job!!!

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