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2-in-1 review : “Source Code” Vs. “Limitless”

21st century clearly is an era of informed decisions. And with so much to do in so less time, I bring you a time-saver a.k.a 2-in-1 review of the latest Science fiction movies that released this weekend! Just to mention, … Continue reading

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Movie starts with a mini trailer of RSE (Rohan Sippy Entertainment), that reminds you of the offbeat movies like “Bluffmaster”, “Sholay”, “Taxi 9-2-11”. Dum Maro Dum fails to beat those movies, atleast does not match up to the creativity of … Continue reading


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Teen Maar (Telugu)

Teen Maar is the struggle of a philanderer and his not-so-recent lover to stay together forever. And why do they feel such bonding? It’s because they feel very light hearted when they are together and don’t need to resort to … Continue reading

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RIO the film (2011)

Who doesn’t fly when his eyes come in contact with those of a beautiful girl? Apparently our rare species of parrot named “Blu” doesn’t. Even when he comes to know that “Jewel” is the only girl left for him on … Continue reading

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What’s a back bencher’s wildest answer to address the question of “No-Admission” – create your own college! Ok, that sounds crazy but possible, what do they do after creating the college? Realize that they do not like books and re-discover … Continue reading

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Why is a Federer – Nadal clash so important for the sport? And why is it even more important to watch?

So I was browsing the net to see when was the last time Federer and Nadal clashed as I sipped my Black Coffee.. the clock ticked 6 minutes past 3 in the morning as I was waiting to watch the … Continue reading

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