Shaitan (2011)

How hard do you party? How high can you go? What’s your peak? When will you stop?

What will happen if the Devil invites himself into your private party? You cannot stop until the Devil himself wishes to stop. The Devil won’t stop until he has taken care of some of HIS business.

What could possibly be the consequences of Devil’s unexpected visits? How fast and how far can you run to save yourself from the consequences?

Bollywood’s “wildness benchmark” rises to a new high with Shaitan and the credit goes to the debut director Bejoy Nambiar. Bejoy has also co-written the screenplay along with Megha Ramaswamy. One could presume that his clarity of purpose and innovation in this movie could have been inspired from his mentor Mani Ratnam. (Bejoy worked as assistant director for the movie “Guru”.)

The Devil (Shaitan) plays the lead role in this movie, INCARNATING through KC (Gulshan Devaiya), DASH (Shiv Pandit), AMY (Kalki Koechlin), TANYA (Kirti Kulhari), ZUBIN (Neil Bhooplam). KC and DASH being HIS favorite protégés.

Kalki Koechlin excels in her role as a mentally instable teenager, who is haunted by the thoughts of separation from her mother. The dark-horse of the movie however is Rajeev Khandelwal who plays the honest and hard-hitting cop. The action scenes involving him are shot very realistically. Gulshan Devaiya has great timing and performs with ease. Nikhil Chinappa gets a decent screen presence.

However one does get a feeling that the writers could have suffered from cerebral fatigue towards the second half where they completely forget about victims of the hit and run case and the story progresses towards pest-control of the corrupt police force.

“Josh” and the title track “Bali- the sound of shaitan” kick-starts the movie and launches it in the right orbit! Tarrentino’s “Pulp-Fiction” like song sequence khoya khoya chaand remake is a bliss to the ears and the eyes too!

WILD! Uber-cool ! REALISTIC! HEAD-SPINNING! is the popular opinion on this flick. If one takes a rational stand, its all about five ambition-less young lads who lost control while having extra-fun. Even from this rational stand-point the movie is highly watchable for a variety of reasons, the freshness it induces, the entertainment it generates.

Have fun watching this but don’t try this at home or school or anywhere!

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