What’s a back bencher’s wildest answer to address the question of “No-Admission” – create your own college!

Ok, that sounds crazy but possible, what do they do after creating the college? Realize that they do not like books and re-discover their passion and start pursuing it seriously! A movie that reminds you about “Munnabhai” (there it was a fake hospital, here it’s a fake college) and “3-idiots”(walking the unconventional career path), despite fresh thinking lacks a loop-hole free script. The screenplay is flawed in more than one ways too.

Jackky Bhagnani as “Ritesh” does a neat job, however he needs to avoid the blunt close-ups till his facial expressions improve. Pooja Gupta as “Pooja” plays pretty and is happy to share the screen presence along with Jackky. Angad Bedi as “Nanj” and Chandan Roy Sanyal as “Vishnu” complete the group of four friends around whom the story revolves. Arshad Warsi as “Google Chand” and Riteish Deshmukh as Baaji Rao add only a pinch of maturity and reality to the script. Boman Irani is not utilized fully to his potential.

Some scenes, like the ‘examination’ scene, ‘pleading the peon for admission’ scene, evoke genuine laughter. Fakirchand and Lakirchand tickle you too! The best part in the movie is the final song’s composition and choreography. Remo D’souza who is the director of this movie is a dance choreographer too and it definitely comes handy. What is also evident is his inexperience in handling a script like this.

These days when a movie is heavily publicized, one gets suspicious about the entertainment quotient of that movie. FALTU stands up to its hype, though not exceeding it. Today’s party-loving youth are happy to have a new song to shake their leg while on dance floors (Party abhi baaki hai).

‘Watchable-but-don’t-search-for-logic’ is the verdict for this movie.

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