Teen Maar (Telugu)

Teen Maar is the struggle of a philanderer and his not-so-recent lover to stay together forever. And why do they feel such bonding? It’s because they feel very light hearted when they are together and don’t need to resort to fake things to impress the other. The leading pair Micky (Pawan Kalyan) and Meera (Trisha Krishnan) live up very well to the above characterization. Superb chemistry!

Pawan Kalyan (minus the Power Star attitude) fits the role even better when he keeps calling himself a pervert philanderer. The mischievous and peppy college-goer in his earlier movies like “Khushi” has matured into a middle aged onscreen Casanova with great ease. His dialogue delivery has always been a strong point, and with Trivikram Srinivas penning the dialgoues it a treat for the ears. Ofcourse only those that understand Telugu ! Trivikram should continue writing instead of directing movies (remember Mahesh Khaleja ?).

Teen Maar is an entertainer, and hence it needs to cater to all classes. There could be some stupid scenes but Pawan carries them off with grace. He has carved a niche for himself which is used aptly by the director. Like the street fight which looks so realistic, the collar-rub gimmick when he gets angry, the “Hey Chiquitha gumostas” line.
Exceptional use of parallel screenplays to move the story forward, like Arjun Palwai (man from the past) predicting how lovers would behave 30 years later and Micky behaving exactly in the same manner ! You are in a tussle whether you like Arjun Palwai (Man of principles) or Michael Velayudham (The Casanova) better? Trisha Krishnan has pulled off this role with commendable ease. Full marks to her.

Telugu Mainstream, mass-puller movie has NEVER seen such adulation. The same could be discounted since (a) Micky stays in Cape Town and (b) Micky’s characterization as a Casanova. As long as they behave well during their visit to India its fine with the censor board.

The movie’s plot revolves on how people fell in love 30 years ago vis-à-vis how people fall in love these days. Light Hearted but definitely not a family watch ! Go watch the movie with your boyfriend / girlfriend.

–Varun Mannava.

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