2-in-1 review : “Source Code” Vs. “Limitless”

21st century clearly is an era of informed decisions. And with so much to do in so less time, I bring you a time-saver a.k.a 2-in-1 review of the latest Science fiction movies that released this weekend! Just to mention, this is the first time I am trying out such a comparison, and honestly to my knowledge, I had’nt come across a 2-in-1 review in Indian film critics circle. So this may very well be termed as first of its kind (self proclaimed, ha).

Beware “Period-movies” & “Rom-Com movies”, the “Science-Fictions” are back with a bang this vacation season!
The Premise

“Source Code” is a program that allows Captain Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal) to take over someone’s body in his or her last eight minutes of life. Stevens learns from Capt. Colleen Goodwin (Vera Farmiga) that he is on a “Save the World” mission and that they need his help in detecting the bomb and also the terrorists who planted the bomb in a train heading to Chicago city. Dr. Rutledge (Jeffrey Wright) invents this program and is incharge of the mission.

“Limitless” is what (Bradley Cooper) Edward Morra’s brain becomes post a drug called NZT bumps into his life. From a writer he goes on to become a super-smart trader and then finally a Senator, all thanks to “Medication”! Lindy (Abbie Cornish) is his lady love, who almost breaks up with him during the Pre-NZT days and comes back to him to stay for good. Carl Van Loon (Robert De Niro) a wall-street giant who hires Eddie, but eventually can’t keep Eddie permanently working under him.

Story is the King!

If “Source code” churns you through the same 8 minutes repetitively which takes a new dimension each time, “Limitless” takes you through hazy drug-side-effects ride, forcing you to connect with the protagonist (full credit goes to the Director Neil Burger)! Infact the realistic and achievable nature of “Limitless” keeps it far ahead in the fiction-race Vs “Source Code”.

Source Code is not time travel, but it transfers a person’s mind into “Alternative Reality” ! Sounds like a challenging Su-Do-Ku puzzle ha? Connecting the dots is not so straight forward, which thrills you the most. However after the movie gets over, you discover more flaws than plus’es ! Like the wandering question of where exactly does this “Alternative Reality” exist? Clearly the director (Duncan Jones) did not know how to end such a promising fiction and it gives you a feeling if the ending was inspired from “The Limbo concept” of the popular 2010 brain-*uck flick “The Inception”

If one accepts the premise that NZT is a brain stimulating drug, “Limitless” takes one through a series of practical instances in which the brain starts enhancing. A simple voluntary/ involuntary dump of information at some point of time in one’s life comes handy and the brain delivers it,should the situation demand. Ok this, the audiences can believe! Also the scenes where Eddies’ memory is skipping due to overdose of the drug gives the script a reality check instead of being all magical! A carefully drafted and intelligent climax also stands as a strong point (Film is based on a Novel “The Dark Fields” by Alan Glynn).

Strong Performances and excellent VFX

Protagonists in both movies connect very well with the audiences. They realize that the precision of narration is on their shoulders, and they deliver! If one is on a mission to save the passengers on-board, the other is always on the run, trying to keep pace with his limitless capabilities. Vera Farmiga and Robert De Niro excel as supporting actors in the respective fictions, creating depth to the respective scripts. “Source Code” has excellent visual effects to cater to the imaginative appetite of the script. Limitless on the other hand does not need too much help from the VFX department.

The Vote clearly goes to Limitless! Both flicks thrill you equally but Limitless clicks where the other fails!

— Varun Mannava.

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2 Responses to 2-in-1 review : “Source Code” Vs. “Limitless”

  1. Harshit says:

    Well I have not had the chance to go watch ‘source code’ but ‘limitless’ is totally a hit; the director’s skills coupled with the master concept – and of course the brilliant stage-play by the actors make it a great watch!

  2. AJai says:

    Well… so I’ll be checking ‘limitless’…

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