Why is a Federer – Nadal clash so important for the sport? And why is it even more important to watch?

So I was browsing the net to see when was the last time Federer and Nadal clashed as I sipped my Black Coffee.. the clock ticked 6 minutes past 3 in the morning as I was waiting to watch the leading men in the sport clash for their pride ! Whoever wins this match needs to teach the Joker (Djokovic) a lesson in the finals. I remember watching a Federer taking on Nadal way back in 2009, the Australian Open final.

So why is a Federer – Nadal clash so important for the sport? And why is it even more important to watch, no matter what tournament/ open it may be, no matter what time it may be ?

Well, these two are the best players of my generation and arguably the best oponents the game has ever seen. Federer has 16 grand slams and is one of the 3 players to have won all the four grand slams on 3 different surfaces (Clay, Grass and Hard court). Nadal, who has won 9 grand slams, is the youngest player to have achieved a similar feat on 3 different surfaces. So when these two play the sport, each in their own graceful vs raw-power style, it results in 2-3 hours of bliss for tennis lovers. Tennis Fans world-wide have only two religions Fed-ex or Rafa-the raging bull! Funny thing is that there does not exist a 3rd favorite player nor does anyone like both these players.

The pain when a rally stops due to a net fault, the amazement of the crowd to see a close “challenge” replay, the “Light travels faster than Sound” ACES, the funky sweat bands on the forehead, the egoistic branded accessories that the players sport off, the tailor made fore-hand returns, the “not so good-looking yet made it back in the court” returns, the squeaking noise of the shoes on Hard court while in motion to resurrect the by-gone ball in action, this list goes on!!!

will post the review of today’s match soon …..

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