John Wick is Keanu Reeves all over again!

So imagine a world where mafias run their own rules, their own hotels, their own Codes, their own currencies (Gold Coin) ! Doesn’t sound so new but not having to deal with the Government or Cops. So much so that only a single cop shows up in the entire movie.

Mafia make the rules, Mafia break the rules, Mafia cover up bodies, Mafia party hard, Mafia exchange gun fire and also condolences. In a movie that celebrates contract killers and even worships them we get to see a determined, focused, slick Keanu Reeves who steam rolls his way to his peace. Many years since then, he gets disturbed by a young upcoming Mafia brat. Disturbed real hard and for no reason. Just arrogance. This shakes up the existing balance in Mafia. Keanu Reeves is the Boogeyman who snatches away the Mafia who can’t behave or don’t want to behave.

Wandering on thin ice script, Chad Stahelski the director keeps things very pacy and sleek. Do we need a reason for the best killer in town to comeback in form. No! From body cover up guys to cops to hotel managers, everyone is so excited that John Wick is back, and so are the audiences! As a movie watcher and the movie cast, you would find peace only till John wick’s puppy is alive. The death of the puppy causes so much rampage. John knows exactly where to go once his Mustang is stolen. The stolen car garage owner knows exactly who’s car it is just by looking at it even after many years. He also know all hell is going to break loose. The mischievous mafia bra does not realize who’s car he had stolen and who’s puppy he killed. Isn’t that premise enough for a mafia movie?

Keanu reeves is back with his Constantine and Matrix looks. He suits best in such roles. The silent and focused protagonist. The cool assassin. Michael Nyqvist as the Russian mafia villain provides the comic relief in many ways. Even at the time when he is going to be killed. William Dafoe as John’s best friend does a neat performance. He revolves around John like a satellite, saving him when in need.

This is a movie where you should keep your logical brain aside and enjoy the glorified violence. Because for John Wick, his enemies are not really dead unless he has shot them in the head, not once but twice.

–Varun Mannava Gowtham


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