Interstellar – Who am I to review this spectacle

Ok. So what if I told you I am not writing this review. What if I told you it was Christopher Nolan who decided I will write this review. That too some 40 years ago. Infact this movie itself was Nolan’s own will some 124 years ago?

What Interstellar does apart from leaving you shell shocked on your seats is that it makes Gravity movie look like a mini episode or a commercial break. Interstellar has so much to offer compared to any other space fiction movies.

It is very difficult to understand the Astro physics concepts while you are trying really hard in the two dimensional way. Nolan comes up with 3 hour length movie to make us ‘Laymen’ understand the mysteries and secrets of TIME slippage. The darkness and amazing possibilities of a Black Hole. Only Nolan reserves the right to say “Science can be fun too”.Infact he also reserves the right to say “Science can be thrilling, entertaining, mystical, visual, logical, infinite…. “. The list goes on.

The script is placed way ahead of current time. Its not about finding another planet to survive. It is about HOW they go about finding another planet to survive. Movies like Oblivion, Wall-E, After Earth emphasized on life in space, whereas Interstellar goes on to tell just how difficult it is to space travel and establish an alternate earth like planet.

Apart from constantly gripping and entertaining the audience, Nolan is travelling on thin ice here trying to educate the audiences while moving the script ahead. Of course we will be reminded of his style of narration. For example, the Dark knight like endings where we feel a lot of adrenalin rush. There is so much left to explore in the space. The explorers travelling tend to live longer on their explorations than the mission that sent them there ! There is time travel too!

Mathew McConaughey landed the best movie of his career but not necessarily the best performance. He is there just because there is a family connect in the script. Family connect is crucial for his survival instincts up there in space. This is a thrilling role not a performance role and he does more than justice to it.

Anne Hathaway does a neat job. Watch her when she explains how Love transcends through Time and Space. She looks quite dumb naturally in that scene.

Matt Damon is a surprise casting and he does what he does best. Infact his role justifies Murphy’s Law -“What has to happen will happen”

Please don’t watch Anupama Chopra’s stupid review and rating on NDTV. Ofcourse she is bored because she is thrilled by dumb masala movies.

5 on 5 is my take for this spectacle with zero flaws ! As I said, flawless because Nolan had already watched this entire movie from a BlackHole up there in space somewhere.! ! !


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