Short films in India were generally being made to convey a short and sweet message. Different approaches being sought to convey different point of views. They used to be educative initially. Like the boring documentaries of political parties we used to watch before a feature film is screened in theatres. From that point short films have come a long way today.

More and more wannabe technicians, directors started embracing this medium to showcase their talents. Else they had friends who were so deeply hurt in love, that they wanted to convey those incidents to their immediate audiences. These short films were not far reaching and were restricted only to the internet.

Ganesh Kumar Mohan is patiently watching all this progress in the short film arena. He is primarily working for the IT industry. But he felt that his passion for movies had overtaken his contribution to the IT. So he decides to come up with this short film Oorukku 4 peru (O4P) which focuses on spreading awareness about the greed and cheat in Multi Level Marketing. This is his fourth film after Godavari,536 and Ramasamy.

O4P has come of age since it is a complete entertainment package. Ganesh Kumar Mohan wanted to convey his message but did not want bore his audiences. Today this short film has more than 7 lakh hits on YouTube. O4P revolves around 4 youngsters who want to earn big money and quick. They fall into the trap set by a MLM agent and try to pass the buck to a village dumb head who is a school dropout. However contrary to their expectations the village dumber stands up to logic and questions the MLM agent back and exposes his fraud. In short, villagers may not be highly educated but still they are street smart when it comes to money.

This short film boasts itself of not using any Tobacco / alcohol / drugs. Its not just this aspect which sets this short film apart from other numerous short films which start with a beer bottle rolling frame. This film is so matured and fits the mainstream cinema. There is so much thought process behind each and every shot in this film.(ex: They have replaced chandramuki & jothika with bhool bhulaiya & vidya balan in subtitles for wider audience). It is clear that every individual who has worked in this film wanted to give their best to register their name in this industry. They even end the short film with a title song just like any mainstream entertainer movie. (Though it is unfortunate that it is pirated in an MP3 dvd, it shows its popularity). The film has got huge appreciation from Director ARM and Director Bhagyaraj has appreciated Ganesh for his previous film 536.

You will find many people in India who are similar to the characters in this short film but you won’t find another short film that reaches anywhere close to this witty entertainer.

Youtube link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=leQ0eLJpsnk

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