NYC’ed – from 20090717 till 20091016

I know its been a year now.. but still wanted to capture & share the emotions of my first overseas trip.. i still remember every minute of my time in New York City!!
It was the most optimistic period of my 26 year life-cycle. I had completed 3 years in my firm on 20090515 and was hoping for something good..but what happened to me was awesome..there i was standing infront of my colleagues and bosses in a conf room, where my higher boss informed that i would travel to NEW YORK CITY in July for 3 months…
I had taken off on D day.. i.e. 20090717, could’nt take the anxiety. I am very scared when good things happen to me, scared because the memories of those good things may not last long. Learnt quite a lot of things the harder way.. been literally down on the streets and raised back. Roller-coasters are the main dish on my Menu.. 
Informed my Godfatherly-figure, my ex-boss, the owner of the multiplex where i was working while in college, that I was going overseas for a project for 3 months. Got a reply instantly from him wishing me best of luck.
My parents and bro wished me off in the Shamshabad Airport. It was the proudest moment for my father, he actually mentioned that to me. It boosted my confidence and I was ready to accept any challenge for the next 3 months. When I entered the business-class of the Qatar airlines flight there were many moments from my painful past that were getting offset !! The days when I was cycling many kilometers to deliver newspapers for a living, the days when I was pleading my well wishers to finance my college admission fees, the days when there used to be nothing to eat unless some household item was sold to the scrap for a few rupees… never felt ashamed since it was the most righteous approach to fight your fate but these moments left an everlasting pain.. all these moments were getting offset, the moment I entered this flight.. The moments of extreme happyness were curing the wounds of extreme pain..
 So here I was, feeling extremely proud as the flight took-off from Hyderabad Airport, who was not just a happy-go-lucky guy but rightfully earned the position where he was in.. My fellow traveller was a person from my firm, boosted my level of confidence. I was going to an alien place and this thought chilled my spine. Quick learner to the facilities available in the Business class, alcohol was never ordered by me though! New geographic location, new time zone, it was time to practically implement the learnings from Geography class while in school.
Doha was a beautiful sight from the top, it was as-though some-one freshly drew lines on a desert to help the cars move. Oil tanks in the sea, xerophytic adaptations were quite evidently observed. xerophytes are the plants that grow in deserts. Here comes an interesting story that freaked me and the yankies equally. The business class lounge in Qatar retains the passport from US bound passengers. God knows why !! here I was in an alien country’s Lounge, without any passport, what if they did not return the passport ?? Thankfully they did return the passport while boarding the NYC bound flight.. I learnt the lesson for life.. never leave your passport in any-one else’s custody in a foriegn nation.. post tihs incident, I never had any issue with my only Identification document for the next 3 months stay.
Fatigue driving in now.. would write more in the days to come !!!
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