Endhiran – My Review and observations

Endhiran / Robo – has started commanding respect for its logic, visual effects, hi-tech science fiction content. This was missing all along Rajni’s career for his anti-gravity stunts. So when his fans from Tamilnadu worshipped him for his anti-gravity stunts, rest of the world laughed away. I would have done the same thing if i was not in Tamilnadu for his previous movies. This movie has swallowed all his previous draw-backs on the anti-gravity stunts front!
Now coming to the movie, its an awesome entertainer, very futuristic and has Rajni’s villainy mannerisms which was missing for years ! Fans would love to see any variety and in this movies there are loads.
The entire movie focuses on the robo which is rightfully the bread-winner for the producers, especailly when it  turns bad and villainy. Aishwarya rai looks gorgeous. Back-ground score from Rahman makes the plot deeper. Rasool pookutty’s sound makes robo sound life like.
Above all there’s a 30 second jubiliation when SUPERSTAR RAJNI title is screened on First day First show, which can be experienced only in theatres.
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