INCEPTION – my take

Its an awesome concept – nobody could have ever imagined such a plot ! Stealing a secret by sharing a persons dream and also more importantly planting a new idea. An idea will never be erased. Thank God this movie had sub-titles unlike Shutter Island !
Now as long as everyone is in the first level of dreaming, things look fine to me. Fisher and Saito are’nt professionals. When they are sharing a dream with the professionals, random things can happen. There is no way you can control their dreams or may be the director did not feel the need to explain how the remaining professional dreams did it. How did they regulate Fisher and Saito to continue dreaming about the same subject that Saito was contemplating ??
coming to totem, its a good way for the audience to identify if the actor is dreaming or is he in the real world. But for the dreamer himself, there is no bondage that a totem will definitely not follow physics laws ? Gravity is very much present, people do fall in the 3rd and 4th level, so may be even a totem could fall off even in a dream ??
A lot of times I have kept dreaming that I have woken up already and am getting ready for school… the best way to check if you are still asleep is to ask some one to slap you .. what say ??
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