The Wolf of Wall Street : Tamed to be wild till death

I have never faced a situation like this before. Writing a review for a movie was never so tough for me. Words are flowing but I am thinking where to start, what all to capture in a 500 word review. What if I tell you that every frame, every minute, every dialogue uttered in the movie is worth watching, would that be sufficient ? Not according to me but let me start and try to end it short.

Whats the wildest thing that you have done? Ever rubbed off your nose with a 100$ note and threw it in the dustbin? Everybody loves money right. For common people like you and me watching this movie in its un-edited form itself would qualify as the wildest thing you can ever come close to.

If you thought throwing money in the dustbin was the best scene in the movie, you are mistaken. You are in store for countless scenes like that in this movie. The movie starts humbly where Jordan Belfort steps into wall street. The scene where his mentor teaches him how he needs to hunt for money and keep the hunt on is one gem of a scene. Listen to the details.

Another gem of a scene is where Jordan begins selling penny stocks to stupid but hardworking people who have the money but not the brains or expertise on where to invest that money. Dony (Jonah Hill) just quits his job instantly to join Jordan in his hunt. And boy since then there is no stopping this duo.

Jordan gets a sudden sense of conscience on looting hardworking public by selling them penny stocks for zero profit. He does not reform. He only takes a wilder form and unleashes his attack on the 1% of rich Americans. Does he stop there ? No way. He’s just getting comfortable. He goes on with a mind boggling IPO of Steve Madden, the stupid shoe designer. He makes 24 million in 3 hours of the IPO. His staff is mostly down trodden and greedy Americans who feel desperate to make it rich in their lives.

The speech that DiCaprio delivers before Steve Madden IPO will win him the Best Actor at the Oscars 2013. Jonah Hill might be a good competitor for the Best supporting actor. Best Director. Best Editing and Best Adapted Screenplay. 5 in all at Oscars or may be more. But 5 for sure!

The encounter with FBI on Jordan’s private yacht is another master piece. Then comes the speech where he wants to quit the company he founded. But will he quit ? You have to find it out for yourself.

400 words already and I haven’t even started talking about Martin Scorsese, the director of this movie. He has presented this movie in such an unforgettable narrative. You would never forget the sequence of events in the Godfather movie would you ? The events in this movie are so fluent and tailor made that its just not a biography on how Jordan Belfort created and lost his wealth but its a gripping thriller too. Now how many people can pull off a thriller out of a biography ?? Only one and one only. Martin Scorsese. Man this guy pulls off the most complicated scene where Jordan’s wife calls for a divorce immediately after making out with him for one last time.

I can go on and on all night. But I guess you already have a piece of my mind now.


–Varun Mannava Gowtham




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1 Response to The Wolf of Wall Street : Tamed to be wild till death

  1. Sumit Tulsyan says:

    Though the movie was good but I felt t it was quite stretched.

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