Rishikesh : Where the mind goes blank

What’s the place on earth

where you can get ‘Rudraksh’ malaas;
where you get t-shirts with Lord Krishna print on the front and back;
where you open the balcony door and you get to see the Sacred Ganga river still in its cleanest form;
where the tall mountains stand guard from the cold northern winds so that civilization can carry on;
where monkeys have fun in the open, and cows are not only pampered but worshipped;
where you can conquer the river rapids if you work as a team on a raft;
where you have the ‘Ram Jhula’ which is the longer bridge (Lord Ram being the elder brother) and the shorter bridge ‘Laxman Jhula’ (Laxman being the younger brother);
where you can learn the art of focus in Swarg Ashram and attain inner peace;
where you witness the night Aarthis in Paramarth and believe those little floating lights carry your message of life and hope;
where you can get an ayurvedic massage to rejuvenate your senses;
where there are more temples than street lights.

RISHIKESH – where the mind goes blank !

–Varun Mannava Gowtham


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