My first review on Short Film – Machi Escape (Tamil)

In the short film universe there is very little time to execute what you want to convey. You need to execute this in a slick fashion without any unnecessary diversions. Short Films may  be taken too lightly at present since they seem very easy to film. However one should also acknowledge the fact that most of the short films are shot by amateurs and first timers and there is very minimum role for professionals. Its not easy to shoot a short film that clicks.

Given the above scenario, Machi Escape knows its thrills & shrills and this one clicks too.

It is beautifully woven initially as a boy meets girl story in a fast paced ‘share-auto’ – software culture. How a casual conversation with your co-passenger cum stranger can land you in trouble is very well demonstrated here.

The highlight of this short film is the way the actors highlight the letters ‘EAT’ derived from the girls mobile number, however the camera focuses on the letters again to highlight altogether a different word. This adds as a strong point for director Vivek Suriyamoorthy’s narrative skills.

The music director Krishnan Ganesan’s adaption of ‘Kill Bill’ tune as the ringtone shows good taste. Also the background score towards the climax and credits stands out.

Arun Balaji and Usha have done their roles pretty well, both of them comfortable with their expressions.

–Varun Mannava Gowtham

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4 Responses to My first review on Short Film – Machi Escape (Tamil)

  1. Krishnan says:

    Thanks for the review Varun

  2. Thanks for the review Varun…Appreciate your keen observation skill for noticing “EAT” logic and Kill BIll ringtone…good luck for future reviews 🙂

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