Madhapur – eat out @ 130/- only..

Alright! Madhapur being the tech capital of Hyderabad city, the food options are also quite a lot. You see techie and back-office crowd get bored fast and prefer variety. So how about trying a new way of having dinner.

Instead of having different items from one outlet how about having one item from different outlets. It feeds the food explorer in you.

Samosa ragada at Keshav Reddy sweets – 30/- :

Once you buy the coupon and hand it over to the chat counter you have to wait for solid 10 minutes before you order is served. In the mean time you can stand there and watch the chat guy prepare other items. Once your ragada is ready you can start experiencing different flavours on your taste buds. The tinge of garam masala, the occasional sev and onions, the meaty ragada made of channa and samosa. Caution: served hot.

Jalebi at Delhiwala sweets – 30/- :

100 grams is all you get for 30/- but trust me, that should suffice your sweet tooth. The dough prepared is squeezed into hot oil and allowed to roast for a minute. It is then soaked in hot sugar syrup for another minute. What you get after this is golden looking sweet tasting juicy jalebis ready to be consumed hot.

Pani puri near petrol bunk – 15/- :

It may not be the most hygenic outlet but trust me, you get the taste in such outlets. He gives 4 puris for 10 bucks but i wanted two more. He makes one dry puri in the end as complimentary.

Aloo cheese paratha n lassi at Sanjha Chulha – 55/- :

This is the most famous punjabi food outlet here and cheap too. Order aloo cheese paratha here and sip on the lassi while you wait. Paratha is served hot with onions and pickle.

So you got so much variety for 130/- . Get a sweet pan to help you digest the food. Go home and sleep tight.

— varun mannava gothamm

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