My Farewell Note

In the year 2003, if you were staying in Chennai’s Tambaram area, you would have seen me cycling the locality at 6 am, delivering news papers and magazines for a living. At that time, if you had asked me what hope was, I would have told you its the only energy that kept me moving. At no point in my life I had imagined that I would be part of a sophisticated hedge fund operations team with cutting edge technology.

College Education made a lot of difference in my life. DESIS gave me the maximum bandwidth for a Bachelors degree (that too Life Sciences). No other firm would have uncovered so much potential in me and rewarded me so much.

The best reward that I take away from DESIS is the luxury of choice in exercising my future steps in life. All my life ‘choice’ was either un-affordable or un-reachable due to competition and I couldn’t pursue what i liked. Now there is no such stopping. I owe this learning and luxury to DESIS.

Being the first Associate batch in Finop, I hope my journey in the last 6.5 years from an Associate to a Senior Analyst was as beneficial to the firm as it was to me. I would encourage more and more associates to keep showing more commitment and hard-work so that Shaw keeps up this tradition of recruiting graduates and as a result, some needy graduates like me can afford to discover their choice in life.

–Varun Mannava Gowtham

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13 Responses to My Farewell Note

  1. Premal says:

    Yes your contributions were important to the firm as well!
    All the best for next chapter in your life.

  2. Krishnan Ganesan says:

    Dei, Good Luck with your next step !! Have a great 2013

  3. Gaurav Jain says:

    Its been always fun working with you…. Wish you the very best for your future endeavors..
    Keep rocking and don’t let those Out of Box ideas dry up:)

  4. Derick says:

    good luck maccha 😉

  5. Mark Harvey says:

    Thanks for all your help and hard work–keep in touch

  6. Prashant Goyal says:

    Best wishes for your future ventures…Cheers!!!!

  7. Sandeep Batra says:

    Good luck Varun! Shaw will miss you. You will always be an example that will be talked about- when it comes to hiring the best talent from diverse backgrounds. Cheers

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