The Share-Auto Diaries – chapter 3 “Cozy cozy travels”

Disclaimer : Apologies in advance for the disturbance in the content. This was written entirely for fun and is purely fictional! For, you see I have to cover all aspects of a share auto ride.

What if a share auto owner had to open a travels? What would he name it as ? “Cozy Cozy travels”. There may be only 3 seats in there, however, our pal would start fitting in 1.3 people per seat. Cheap ride ain’t gonna be comfortable ride dude. If you are lucky, you could get Cozy with a co-passenger.

So life in its mysterious forms does offer an opportunity for those who are willing to capitalize it. So when was the last time you sat next to a hot girl and may be unknowingly rubbed shoulders with her and the girl was also cool with it? Share auto !! Its like he is your bro. He understands your needs! If you were a girl, I don’t know how it feels sitting next to a hot guy, but I know guys love freebies like that! Ha!

You are the first one to board a share auto. Your chances of sitting next to a prospective hot girl are ‘on’ only if you sit at the back. On the front side there is only the driver. To my knowledge there are no women auto drivers. So you are sitting at the back side of the auto, expecting a good time. However there is just normal crowd with one spot left. Then comes the hottie and that too on the wrong side. There is a guy sitting between you and the hottie. Pain, I tell you!! Ha!

Flash : “Excuse me, can you please move and sit?” says the hottie to the guy sitting in between you and her. Screw you dude, take that insult for stealing my spot!

Share autos give you pain and they give you pleasure too. So the next time you want to get cozy for 10 bucks or less, just raise your hand and the auto will stop right in front of you.

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–Varun Mannava Gowtham

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