Skyfall is the answer to “Why the world still needs Secret Agents!”

Quantum of Solace released first in India last year. None of the Indians understood it. It bombed in India. So this time they released Skyfall in the UK first. Got the UK critics to give it some 4 stars rating and then released it worldwide with larger than life expectations.

The movie does open up to the expectations and exceed it for the first 30 minutes. Then its all melody and old fashioned. Bond movies have a tradition of opening with action packed chase sequences in the first 20 mins. Casino Royale set the trend for this. Now every bond movie has to start the same way. This movie takes it to another level where they decide to shoot the bond. Adele’s skyfall track starts off and titles match up to the depth in her voice.

Watch out for the realistic action sequences on the train top. Jaguars and Range Rovers are the vehicles used by bond in the first half. Bond manages to deliver his punches with style but they were not as effective in the movie as they were in the trailer. Bond says “Everyone should have a hobby” ; Silva (the villain) says “So whats yours” ; Bond says “Resurrection!”. One of the best lines written in this movie.

There aren’t many of the fancy gadgets that bond uses in this movie other than a custom made pistol that can fire only by reading Bond’s palm. Signature statement pistol which bond never uses in the movie. He has an old fashioned radio detector.

Performance wise, it is Silva (Javier Bardem) who surpasses any of the Bond Villains till date. As a matter of fact, he creates a market for Bond Villains who can act apart from just playing the baddies. The story around him is nicely told and even nicely portrayed by Mr. Silva. His characteristics are as edgy as the Joker.

Sam Mendes, seems to be highly inspired by the Dark Knight series. There are a couple of instances that reminds us of Dark Knight, like the scene where Silva gets caught on purpose for a higher mission. Also the scene where M addresses the British Parliament on why the world still needs secret agents. Christopher Nolan written all over it.

Skyfall is apparently the house where Bond grew up and doesn’t like it too much. He was orphaned there. “Orphans make the best agents” says M. Unfortunately for Bond and for the audiences too, the events that happen in Skyfall (house) are the dullest and most old fashioned. You have to keep reminding yourself that you are watching a Bond movie and something will happen now. But that something never happens and everyone is more than happen to see the credits that says “Bond will return again!”. Ya and this time he better return with some nice gadgets, else the american secret service Agent Ethan Hunt would take a greater lead in this section.

Bond girls keep up to their reputation, especially Berenice Marlohe. So does Daniel Craig as the rustic bond.

–Varun Mannava Gowtham

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