Rakhta Charitiram (Tamil)

Vengeance is not a new word for Surya. We all saw his performance in Ghajini. However a revenge thirsty Surya through the eyes of Ram Gopal Verma is a visual treat. His eyes speak most of the time, he has down-played yet conveyed his anger and pain. 


So the story goes that Surya, who wants to take revenge on Pratap Ravi (Vivek Oberoi) was actually a peace seeking and career oriented person. However when Pratap’s action team brutally murders Surya’s family members, thats when Surya wants revenge. And he gets it in Broad-Daylight !!


I was more excited watching the first part, since Pratap’s purpose was larger and interesting. Surya’s not connected to politics and deals with no unexpected twists except for the attempt on his life by Pratap’s failing goons, which makes it a routine revenge story.


Ramu’s brand only gets stronger with these series of movies, and the Signature element being "ultra-slow-motion" violence / torture sequences. Reality hurts – visually too !!


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