The Social Network – my review

Movies that inspire always stand out of the crowd. Watch this movie if you are one of those who aspire to take the road less travelled, especially the creation of Facebook prefixed with "The". This movie is about the Genius of current times, whos changed the way how people keep in touch, whos changed the way how people express themselves, how people show their attitude, and even to the extent of how people market/ hire.
The story of the Youngest Billionaire was not all meadows and daisies,but still that did not deter him.
Crisp narration going back and forth from the parallel lawsuits that the protagonist is facing, unravelling the events that led to the launch of Facebook and the controversies, betrayals post the launch makes you never feel bored, limited characters revolving the protagonist keep the plot intact. The movie opens with the break-up with his girlfriend and ends with his desire to patch up by sending her a Friend Request. His girlfriend being on Facebook is a victory in itself though.
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