3 idiots – Hindi – my rating 3.5 on 5

Amid Telangana Bandh and Holiday crowd, I was lucky to have got a ticket for the Morning show.
As soon as the movie starts, you get the Dil Chahta Hai feeling. Two friends meet after many years and they cant wait to meet their third friend, who is the most interesting and thought provoking.
The movie definitiely has fresh vibes and takes the audience through the experience of IIT (renamed in the movie as ICE). One’s got to do what one desires and not something that is forced upon them by teachers or parents. This is demonstrated very well and at times quoting examples of student suicides.
The story also holds a suspense and everything falls in place logically in the end, thanks to Mr. Perfectionist.
Kareena looks fresh and does a neat job.
There are two characters whose ideologies clash from the start till end ( a la Munnabhai ), Aamir Khan vs. Bomman Irani, the latter realizing his mistake in the end. Colleges should be the centers of Innovation and not factories that produce future Labourers. One could say Aamirs character as an extension of Nikhumbh in Taare Zameen Par.
The humour is fresh and tickles your funny bones. All izz well except for one, Aamir Khan, Sharman Joshi and Madhavan definitely dont look like COLLEGE students 🙂
 Where are they selling Chetan Bhagat’s Five Point Someone.. after watching the movie, I feel like reading this book 🙂
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