My take on IPL season 2

"I ..err.. declare the IPL season 2 … uhh.. Open "  – Lalit modi.  Was the confidence missing in the tone because apparently its taking place in South Africa instead of India ? People say Mr. Lalit Modi did very well in organizing the matches perfectly outside the country, however he has disappointed many first time stadium visitors like me in India. The life, the cheer, the excitement is definitely missing in the crowd this time.. however the franchisees are enjoying it since they may not have to incur losses. Hope IPL stays in India next season !
Was happy for the Mumbai Indians’ first win, they won with Sachin paaji being in great form, thank you paaji.  Thanks to Abhishek nayar for the first set of sixes in the tournament. It was fun to watch Bhajji vs Hayden in the chase. J.P. Dumny disappointed in the first match though. Add to the glamour from cheer leaders, there was an unexpected visitor on the ground, who stayed for quite sometime, disrupting the course of the match, creating some light moments in the crowd and an uphill task for the security guards.
Not going to waste my energy typing about the Royal challengers match. Ha !
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