Ghajini — Review

Since I have grown up watching the Tamil version of Ghajini .. that was released in or around 2005, I would like to focus on the difference between Hindi and Tamil versions of Ghajini.
Aamir Khan – known to be a perfectionist, has indeed proved the claim in more than one instances, which has made the difference for the Hindi version and has placed it on par with any Hollywood Action – thriller movie.
Sanjay (Aamir Khan) the protagonist, suffers with Retrograde Amnesia, (short term memory loss) due to an incident which injures him but kills his love interest Kalpana (Asin). The incident not only is the reason for Aamir’s memory loss but also the fuel for the plot and the Revenge.
A determined Sanjay (dressed like Jason Bourne) overcomes his memory defect in order to avenge the loss of Kalpana. This is where Perfectionist Khan comes into foray.
From labelling the draws as "Camera" ; "Gun" ; which he would need to store and retrieve every day, to what the protagonist does when he wakes up into emptiness every morning and how he regains the incident which played spoil sport in this perfectly happy life ! This was missing in the Tamil version. Rest fall in place perfectly in sync with the Tamil version, however I thought that the Background score for the Tamil version was better ! Modifying the Climax also proved a plus to the Hindi version. "Guzarish" is already a hit with the audiences, who cheer, whenever they hear this tune in due-course of the movie. "Kaise mujhe Tum mil gayi" is also appealing to the emotional content of the plot.
Who is Ghajini .. Find him… Kill him .. goes like KILL BILL where ‘Ghajini’ is the name of the Villain. Hail Aamir and his crave for perfection. The movie is now Perfect !
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