Madagascar Escape 2 Africa Review

Guess almost after3 years since the first version of the Madagascar movies released, the sequel, promises to be as good as the Original.
The sequel being upto my expectations, add to that IMAX movie experience, made my weekend.
The film opens with the usual Dreamworks trailer boy, fishing, sitting on the Crescent moon, when the captian of Penguin-Fly beats the boy up and the foursome penguins takeover the boys’ fishing stick and get a big catch too.
Alex is this cute little cub, growing up in the care of his father ZUBA, the Alpha Lion. Alex by birth is more interested in Dance moves than hunting lessons. Alex gets lost from his home, Africa, due to the inhuman hunters, and reaches the New York ZOO where he becomes famous almost instantly because of his dance moves.
Then we get to see that Alex(Lion), Marty (Zebra), Gloria (Hippo) and Melman (Giraffe) are all set to leave to New York from Madagascar, thanks to the Penguin geniuses who get a flight ready. The four main characters come out singing "I like to move it .. move it" one of the best introductions in Animation movies.
They unexpectedly land in Africa, which is the ancestral home of all the four lead characters, how they find out that though they are different from the others, they still have to prove their uniqueness, which they ultimately do.
The best scenes to watch out for are
"King Julien’s explanation on Sacrifice to Volcano gods, and once they are satisfied, how they will create rain !",
"The Penguins hijacking safari jeeps"
"King Julien explaining Melman (Giraffe) on how to propose to his love interest"
Finally when you come out, satisfied, King Julien and the four penguins leave an everlasting impression. Hail King Julien and then King Alex
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