Love Aaj Kal [Love These Days]

So, you might have heard of all the fairy tales on Love stories. Do listen to this story too! Because this is no story nor is it a fairy tale!

Now, I know you would protest that love is made in Heaven and that subsequently marriages are made in Heaven too. Yes, if you go and ask my parents or your parents they would approve of this fact. But then a lot happened. What happened and how? If you want to know, read on!

2020 October, Place : Gurugram – Manhattan Brewery.

I enter an enclosed area where I can hear what everyone is speaking aloud. So I dig into what a specific couple is actually talking about. I realize they are talking about their relationship.

Comic relief : A ship that will never sink is FriendShip! Ok? You must have heard Mustafa Mustafa song by AR Rahman? No? Fine, listen to it now ok?

Ok, lets get to the point now, Love Aaj Kal!

I saw that the couple were quite into each other. Literally! There was PDA definitely. For those who are wondering what PDA is – Public Display of Affection. To be more clear, they were actually making out in public view.

Now comes the interesting part. The girl starts talking. What she says will leave you in astonishment. Same as me. I had never heard such a proposal in my whole life.

Ok, so the boy kept on repeating like a parrot that we are still testing waters with our relationship and that we still need time to take it to next level.

You would have already guessed that the guy started speaking like this because the girl started asking him to commit to their relationship. Then the girl went on to say something more that caught my attention.

So, here’s how the conversation progressed.

Girl : “Ok, see let me know if you want to take this forward, lets commit to this.”

Boy : “I need some time to actually see where we are going with this. I really don’t want to commit to this unless you and I actually realize we are suitable for this. Let’s not hurry.”

He kept saying “Lets take this slow” repeatedly. “Lets not rush into this, lets see how our compatibility goes.”

To this, the girl went one step ahead and said this —

Girl : “My best friends they are married and both of them have a partner outside their marriage!!!!!!!!!!! So we can have similar arrangement. I am not rushing you into this relationship. Just that I am saying I am open to this kind of an arrangement.”

Boy : “Yes that sounds practical, but I still need time to commit to you.”

I was flabbergasted! I wanted to approach both of them saying I am a Dating Coach and that I wanted to speak to them separately on why they need to reconsider their conversation.

But by then the waiter came up to me asking me to pay the bill. So I went with the flow.

I just wanted to share this story because I felt it was too displaced and shook the very pillars of a relationship. But if that is how the future generation feels, then who are we to put a blockade. Maybe we need to learn from them? I don’t know.

Let couples find happiness and make babies after marriages or babies before marriages. Let them fix a partner outside marriage or within marriage too!

This is latest Love Aaj Kal. I hope Imtiyaz Ali is reading this!

–Varun Gowtham Mannava!

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