Love Love Love!!! (soon to be a Romantic Fiction book/ web series)

How Akash, an introvert from Chennai becomes an extrovert, makes his way through a lot of friends and establishes himself as a Love Guru in Delhi. He meets his first true love Shruti in a Speed Dating event and they connect on that very night. Shruti is from Bengaluru.

For the next 4 months Akash and Shruti have a ball realizing how special their first meeting was and how their first meeting was filled with such serendipity. They move in together (live in) for almost 2 months now. The first fight starts off on a stupid insecurity issue (from Shruti’s side). But slowly these insecurities harden and they quickly realize its because of their mindset. They have opposite personalities.

One year passes in ‘live in’ and things don’t improve. The fights didn’t end. They try to give deeper commitment a chance. They get engaged thinking this will reduce their insecurities and liken their mindsets. But it only makes things worse. The fights get more nasty, physical (from Shruti’s side) and more frequent.

They sit down on a Sunday morning and talk their hearts out. They decide to break the engagement and move on.

Then on Tuesday, Akash meets Neha, a girl from Delhi, casually at a bar. He engages her wittily in a conversation and they get to know more about each other. Akash learns that Neha recently got engaged. He tells her that his engagement got broken 2 days ago. Neha tells Akash that they both meeting that night could be a sign (of the universe) since she’s already contemplating breaking her engagement too.

Few days later Neha breaks her engagement with her fiancé Amit and starts dating Akash.

Now Amit tries to trace Shruti and befriends her and tries to make Shruti fall for him. Shruti also tries to break things between Akash and Neha!

And so the cruel love-games kick off. Who will emerge victorious and how.

“2 couples. 3 love stories. Highly twisted. Highly romantic. Highly contemporary love stories of modern Indian couples.

–Varun Gowtham Mannava

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