Dating Games in ‘The Game Of Thrones’

Disclaimer : This is my own personal account of Dating instances in The Game of Thrones series. This is not to belittle men/ women/ persons from the LGBTQ community. Most importantly this is not to disappoint or hurt any of the fans. This is just my own independent interpretation of the characters’ success/ failure in the Dating domain. Who won and how, who lost and why.

When I say Dating instances it could also mean a successful relationship for a short time or for a life time. It could also just mean a romantic moment between two characters.

  1. FOMO – Fear of missing out:

Arya Stark & Gendry

This is in the most recent memory of all the viewers, so I would like to start with this. FOMO is a great strategy which works more when women use it but when men use it, they may be perceived as someone with low confidence levels or self respect, but you never know. Arya Stark uses this strategy at the right time and succeeds too. This is also to be noted that true to her age, this is a common strategy among present day teenagers (18+ of course) to get what they want not just in the dating domain but in other domains too.

Bottom Line? FOMO is IN!

2. Too hot to be Single and Yet Single:

Podrick Payne, although he worked initially for Tyrion Lannister, I am not sure if he had picked up some inspiration from Tyrion in terms of performance. But he seems to be the most celebrated among women (sex workers). This makes him super hot and yet he doesn’t meet someone special through the series. This trait is quite common in everyday life. Men who are sought after for their performance rarely realize that they are sought after. Maybe, it is this ignorance that keeps them detached. Maybe Podrick was able to keep himself occupied in the service of his masters.

Tyene Sand, One of the 3 sisters who knows she is the hottest and yet she doesn’t fall for any man. This could be because she was on a mission for revenge. However that doesn’t stop her from teasing men (even an enemy) every now and then with her hotness. She teaches us that beauty can be the most lethal weapon.

Bottom Line? Its cool to be famous for being Hot!

3. Arrogant Men – one succeeds and one doesn’t:

Khal Drogo vs. Joffery

Two men start off by pissing off the women they wish to pursue. While Khal Drogo forces Daenerys into a physical relationship through his sheer intimidation and personality, Joffrey throws the crown prince card on both Sansa and Margery but is unable to make an impact even after becoming a King. This shows that although men maybe initially rude and thorny, the woman may choose to bear it provided they prove they are worthy of their rudeness. Also when the time comes Khal Drogo saves his Khaleesi by taking her side and is also ecstatic about the arrival of his son. Joffrey on the other hand can’t even wield a sword properly and keeps scaring his ladies with inhuman scenery and punishment to innocent subjects, clearly showing us the reason why he never won the love of his ladies

Bottom Line? Don’t start a fight that you cannot win.

Joffrey and Margery

4. Brats who earn respect eventually:

Tyrion Vs. Theon

Two brats. Both underdogs. Both insulted by their respective fathers. Both are famous for their manhood. While Tyrion falls for Shae and learns the lesson hard way, Theon who molests initially his own sister (not realizing that it was his sister), goes on from a proud man to a slave who eventually loses his manhood through various turn of events.

Tyrion tries to forget his unfaithful girlfriend by getting busy in the affairs of Kings Landing. He also treats his wife with great respect even though he is forced into the marriage. That’s how he earns the respect of Sansa. Theon reconciles with his own fears and fights back for his foster family – the Starks.

Bottom Line? Don’t be a Brat if you want to win the heart of the person you pursue.

5. Stockholm Syndrome – You know nothing Jon Snow:

Jon Snow & Ygritte

This is a classic case of the punisher falling in love with the prisoner. If you look as innocent as Jon Snow when you get captured, then victim act can win you a cool person like Ygritte. Since this was first observed in Stockholm, this pattern is named after it.

Bottom Line? Stockholm Syndrome may win you affection but it won’t last because the truth and reality catches up.

6. Unrelenting Pursuit will always turn the woman off:

Brienne of Tarth & Tormund

This Tormund reminds me of every bollywood protagonist who constantly pursues his girl to the point where the girl gets embarrassed publicly a number of times and eventually falls for him. Whether such a thing happens to Tormund is yet to be known but I strongly feel it wont happen. Especially a woman of honour like Brienne would never fall for this nonsense.

Bottom Line? Don’t pursue if you get no attention. Go home.

7. Non-materialistic Love:

Grey worm & Missandei

Grey worm, as we all know, is part of the unsallied army. The manhood of these unsallied men are chopped off when they are young so that they grow up to become strong warriors and can fight with more energy than normal men. This actually frees up a man’s mind away from the thoughts about how to impress a woman. However we still see the impossible turn of events where Grey worm falls for Missandei and she falls for him too. This is a very rare form of affection.

Bottom Line? Relationship is not just about physical satisfaction.

8. Damsel in Distress matched Innocence:

Gilly & Samwell Tarly

Gilly has lived all her life in a damn shady place. Sam gets appalled looking at these circumstances. His innocent heart starts feeling for the damsel in distress. She acknowledges his innocent love towards her.

Bottom Line? Damsel in distress makes a man act. A man’s innocence strikes a permanent impression on a woman’s heart.

9. The womanizer:

Little Finger & Catelyn Stark ; Lysa Arryn; Sansa Stark

This is what villains are made of. They will never truly fall in love for a woman but they trap the most loyal and most innocent of women. These women will never find out whether that man loved them/ still loves them. Unfortunately this is a big hook and these women repeatedly commit the same mistake of trusting such men.

Bottom Line? Never trust the person who don’t express their feelings openly towards you, even while in private.

10. Leadership Traits:

Robb Stark & Talisa Stark

The King of the North! Robb Stark carries that vibe and confidence in his body language. This does a great deal in winning friends and life partner too.

Bottom Line? Leadership qualities have been a great attraction since cavemen days.

11. Partners in crime:

Cersei & Jamie

The thing about winning love by being partners in crime is that it stops abruptly once the crime is not as exciting as it used to be or when one of the partners suddenly grow a conscience and protest from committing that crime anymore. Also you should be game to every crime and cannot choose to opt out of one crime and still want to partner in another crime.

Bottom Line? Be a partner, but not in crime.

12. Sometimes you have to earn the right:

Cersei & Euron Greyjoy

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Sometimes you may win the affection in 2 weeks. Sometimes you may need to steal an army to impress the woman you love. If you have the patience and determination, you will get rewarded ultimately.

Bottom Line? Male species build nests/ homes first before they earn the right to spend time with their lover.

13. Puppy Love which ultimately turns lethal:

Margaery & Tommen

Puppy Love remains a vivid memory of the past for those who grow up. But those who don’t want to grow up from the puppy love or listen to advise get terminated. Trust me, the human mind keeps learning and evolving. I don’t even like the genre of songs I used to listen to a few years ago. Seek ‘grown up’ love. Puppy love nurturers will only face disappointment from their partners either in the form of rejection or not being up to their expectations upon becoming life partners.

Bottom Line? Puppies are not cute forever. Puppy love also falls in the same category okay.

14. The Polys:

Being a poly attracts a person who is a poly and the only way to retain such a person is to continue being a poly and letting the other person be a poly too. Phew, I think that’s self explanatory!

Bottom Line? It’s Poly. No rules. No lines.

15. The most loyal Romeos:

Daario vs Daenerys vs Jorah

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This is easy. Both these gentlemen love Khaleesi and express the same to her in a very straight forward way. She will never accept their affection because they have gone out of the way and bent backwards to display their affection for Khaleesi. Haven’t these men heard of something called a Spine?

Bottom Line? Its okay to display extreme loyalty to your friends but when the same is done in the dating universe be ready to get Friend-zoned.

16. The career move:

Melisandre & Stannis

Quid pro quo is a tricky thing. The Red woman wanted immortality and Stannis wanted to be the ruler of the seven kingdoms. Its a huge career move. One wrong move and it fizzles off and may end up in a bloody mess.

Bottom Line? Don’t mix business with pleasure.

17. The Loyal Bond:

Ned Stark & Lady Stark

Whenever there is an irreversible situation/ decision made keeping overall reputation and peace in mind, the most loyal partners never discuss anything until both of them are comfortable. This may take years but it does not impact their everyday life. They continue to live together and show no distrust towards each other.

Bottom Line? When in doubt, trust the partner and keep quiet till the other person admits to something. Don’t start enquiring about their ex’s or one night stands.

18. The Typical Devadas:

Robert Baratheon for Lyanna Stark

Like Devadas (a fictional Indian character), Robert loses his entire kingdom, his life, his mind and drowns himself in alcohol over his lost love Lyanna Stark!

Bottom Line? When faced with failure in Love, remember not to become like Robert! Also how would Jon Snow have been born if Lyanna chose Robert over Rhaegar Targaryen, huh?

— Varun Gowtham Mannava

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