Client Feedback on my Dating Workshop

“I can speak to a CEO of a firm easily but when it comes to speaking to a beautiful woman, I freeze! Your workshop helped me overcome that” – Dhrimeet

When I started my “Dating Tips by Date Doctor” workshop back in April 2018 I did believe this day would come but never thought it would come this soon and with such impact. The name for this workshop was suggested by elder brother Gautham Mannava (an upcoming director in Telugu movie industry), who in turn wanted to articulate the exact meaning of my workshop to the layman.

Although initially I thought that my workshop would be a quantity dominated activity, in due course I would realize that it wasn’t. I was disappointed with the number of participants (usually 1 participant per workshop in a month). It was only when Dhrimeet attended my workshop that I started realizing that I am into the Quality game.

All it takes is one client to succeed. And boy he is having a dream run. So much so that he says “I am visiting Mumbai for business meetings, I also have 4 – 5 dates lined up after that.” He smiles as he reveals this.

Till the age of 30 he probably never dated anyone, he never felt the need to. But when he did feel the need, he attended my workshop. He is quite clear about his priorities now, after he started experiencing this windfall in terms of dates not just with Indians but also foreigners who visit India for work or leisure.

He took some of his own initiatives apart from my workshop advice. He avoids all activities that waste his time. He is off Netflix, Amazon Prime, TV etc. He only focuses on his work, reading and dating!

“The best advice I took away was never to be struck down just because one person said no to you, approach it with neutrality, like Lord Buddha. That’s what helped me approach dating without the fear of losing / rejection. Also when someone stood me up or canceled a date in advance I didn’t bother at all” – Dhrimeet

I was very proud and happy for him. This feedback definitely takes my mission miles ahead in one go. When you pay for something and it does not work in your favor, you would always get back with your negative feedback. But if something is working then you would just go with the flow and would forget to acknowledge. 
Dhrimeet chose to acknowledge and thank. And that has made all the difference for me and my mission.

Its time to stir up this world!

Dhrimeet is the co-founder at Xfinia Global Wealth Management.

–Varun Gowtham Mannava

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