90 minutes at “The Hindu” office

When I reached Hyderabad in 2006, I was a young chap with raging adrenalin. Although the adrenalin was focused on only one thing – ‘Making money and supporting my family’. When I got through to a financial services company in Hyderabad, I was in Chennai. I clearly remember calling my father and telling him “Nanagaru (dad in telugu), I got through!” .  He was so proud!

I can still vividly remember that out of 200 odd students who applied for the the company only 4 got through. I was one among them. We became superstars instantly. That’s what the company hiring logo said, “We hire Superstars!”.  Some of the students (especially girls) who hardly spoke to me in 3 years suddenly were interested in whether I am taking the job or no? I would just nod and smile.

In May 2006, when I reached my office in Hyderabad (G. Pulla Reddy building, Begumpet), I couldn’t help but notice “The Hindu” office located right next to my current office. Flashes of me waking up early in the morning  in Tambaram, Chennai, to gather newspapers around 5 am and eventually deliver them as a make-shift newspaper boy flashed right in front of my eyes. I delivered newspapers between 2002 and 2003 so that my family could come out of a bad financial patch, even my father did. The day when I saw that my office was right next to The Hindu office, I made up my mind that some day I would visit this office for a unique reason.

Fast forward 12 years >>

August-2018 : I receive an email from the features reporter who is interested in covering my article as a Dating Coach. I see 4 questions and I answered them through email so that when I meet the features reporter in person, it would save time for both of us.

I was asked to reach The Hindu office in Hyderabad at 5 pm on a Friday. I reached the office at sharp 5 pm, wrote down my details at the security register. Once I entered, I got to know that my reporter was held up in a meeting and that I need to wait for 15 minutes at the reception.

I sat at the reception reading a weekend edition that educated me about volcanoes in the Antarctic! I was amazed that there are volcanoes even in Antarctic. After 15 minutes, I got the call from the reporter and she asked me to come up to the 2nd floor. I went and met her. She started off saying “I do not belong to your generation, so tell me everything in detail. What you do as a dating coach, how it all started?”

We were supposed to wrap it up in 15 minutes, however we spoke for 90 minutes! During the conversation I mentioned how my Paternal grandfather always wanted to see his grandchildren’s photo in The Hindu newspaper, for merit reasons obviously (say if I were to top the Tenth grade at state level).

When it was time for me to leave, the reporter asked where does my grandfather stay. I told her he passed away 2 years ago. To which she responded, I think you would still make him proud!

5 days later my article was out in the metroplus along with my photo.

This one is for you Tatagaru (Grandfather in Telugu)!

–Varun Gowtham Mannava



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2 Responses to 90 minutes at “The Hindu” office

  1. Rajesh says:

    Hi Varun, I see you have two books for sale at Amazon.in.Which one do you recommend one should read first? Thanks

    • Hi Rajesh,

      Please read “Ideal Pickup Artist” first, will set the ideal mindset. Then you can read my first book “Polite Pickup Lines in Indian Pubs” which provides different conversation starter scenarios, which would work once you have the ideal mindset.


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