Partying in Hyderabad vs. Partying in Gurgaon!

By Varun Mannava (The Author of the *Bestseller book “Polite Pickup Lines in Indian Pubs” buy now on Amazon — )

Let me be quite frank. Gurgaon is the party capital of India. That’s the truth!

In my earlier blog post, I walked you all through on where and how to party in Gurgaon. I wrote this blog in early 2016 but its still valid. Not much has changed except that there is SOCIAL in Cyberhub now.  (

I moved to the city of Hyderabad in January, 2017. In the last 6 months I have been to enough places to have gathered enough experience to write about Hyderabadi pubs!

And it doesn’t look that great in comparison to Gurgaon!! Sorry to disappoint you folks. Let me elaborate.

Stag Entry : This is a big headache in Hyderabad. On a Friday or a Saturday night, the best pubs in Hyderabad follow a strict stag entry rule. Only exception is HyLife where stags are allowed after charging entry and cover charge.  Whereas in Gurgaon, most of the pubs allow stags with a cover charge, else if you know a manager in the pub. I will leave it to your opinion, but if you ask me I hate it. It’s not like men are going to get in and create a rampage. Do some basic profiling before letting stags in. Whatever it is, this has to change.

Band Culture : Hyderabad is currently catching up with Bengaluru and running high on Band performances. Its super cool. However I would like a balance of Band and DJ. In Gurgaon, most of the pubs start the band performances at 6.30 pm and by 10.30 pm the band hands over the baton to the DJ no matter how great the band is. If we are talking about very popular bands then they take over the whole night but on a normal weekend handing over to the DJ at 10.30 is the norm. Hyderabad needs to learn to balance the two.

Socializing : No matter how funny you are you are unlikely to make new friends in a pub unless you are either a performer in a band / actor in a movie. Ha. Trust me when I say this even though I am a conversation starter specialist myself. In the last 6 months I have just made one or two new friends in pubs. This is the major difference between Gurgaon and other cities. If you are funny and start a decent conversation, the women in Gurgaon will engage with you in a conversation. In Hyderabad, people go in groups and they stick to their groups. No new friends please! If this is what you wanted, why go to a pub? House party should do no?

Quick reviews of happening pubs in Hyderabad.

#1 Prost – This is high on ambiance but the brewed beer is not that great.

#2 Hylife – This has various levels of partying and I like their brewed beer the most in Hyderabad

#3 The Other Side – I have heard good things about this pub and its definitely in my list to visit.

#4 The Moonshine Project – This place has some creative gigs. It was the launch pad for a new band called Capricio apart from helping kick-start a regional concept band called Varnam  (

#5 FUBAR – This is an open mic bar. Cute.


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