MeetNumber: The need to organize your personal or business schedule

If you are a working professional and have worked on a windows desktop, you would have come across Outlook Calendar. The easy-to-use interface and reminder pop-ups have made the outlook calendar an integral part of office requirements just like a desk, chair, lighting.

Now imagine the need to set up meetings for your personal needs (leisure) or business needs (entrepreneur) and you either cannot afford MS outlook calendar or you don’t want to further contribute to the riches of the already rich Bill Gates. What other options you got?

Facebook. There is a section in Facebook called Events where the users can set up a private/ public event and choose a location. This also enables choosing co hosts. So what is the problem in using Facebook to organize your events? Usually Facebook is used for setting up mass events like engagement announcements/ wedding announcements/ DJ tour etc. Plus the data in Facebook may end up getting sold to vendors resulting in no privacy even for a private event.

If you want something more low-key yet reliable and personal just like your little black diary where you used to jot down your everyday schedule/ weekend meetings and contacts MeetNumber is just the app you need.

MeetNumber is available on PlayStore for free. It is a light weight application and runs pretty fast even on low cost smartphones. You go through a user demo once the installation is complete. The app has 1 major Meeting view and 3 sub-views (Schedule list view, Contacts view, Messages view) apart from the settings view.

‘Create Event’ function has a start date, time and end date, time. It also records the information whether the meeting is a recurring one or standalone one. Location (using gps), people (using contacts), reminder alert and notes can also be recorded. Whats a meeting without the purpose, ‘Title’ captures the purpose.

The schedule list sub-view is pretty straight forward, easy to view and shows up some of the past meetings in addition to current and future meetings.

The Contacts sub-view imports all the contacts from your phone and displays it similar to the contacts display on your phone. The only difference being that you can swipe and set a meeting with each contact. This enables you to send and invite separately to a particular contact.

Messages sub-view, as the name suggests, displays the messages you received through the MeetNumber app.

Settings sub-view is pretty simple and easy to use. The preferences section enables users to update ‘Week start day’, ‘Default event length’ and ‘Default reminder’. Whats a networking app without a ‘Status’ field. Go ahead, speak your mind via the ‘Status’.

Highly successful people keep a strict schedule to get the most out of everyday. Everyday counts. MeetNumber helps you be successful everyday!

Click here to install the app on your Android/ i phone.

–Varun Gowtham Mannava


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