The STORY behind ‘After-Parties’ in Gurgaon!

I am sure we all know what an ‘After-Party’ is. For those who are not aware of this term, the following scenarios will help you understand and relate to it better.

Scenario 1 : You have had a bad work week and want to vent out your frustration on a Saturday night but you realize that the pubs shut down at 12.30 sharp. However, you don’t want to go home.

Scenario 2 : Your group of friends met after quite a while and you are being asked to go home at midnight, however you want the nostalgia to continue.

Scenario 3 : You bump into a stranger and you make friends with him/ her instantly but you find out the lights come up and the bouncers are starring at you and wondering why you are not leaving yet.

Scenario 4 : You just discovered your appetite for drinking has just gone up by 10% but the bar is closed for that one last drink !

Scenario 5 : The DJ never played your song despite begging him/ her around.

Hope I have covered most of the common reasons on why Gurgaon deserves an After-Party. STORY has rightly identified this need on a Saturday Night. Westin, one of the star hotels in Gurgaon has managed to shed its luxury tag and make way for late night party seekers. There is no entry / cover charge on Saturday nights.  Le Meridian (previously Pullman Hotel) used to attract quite a crowd earlier in 2015 with its pool side ‘I-Kandy’. However for reasons unknown, I-Kandy slowly faded away from the late night party scene.

STORY has high end ambience and is well maintained. One can view the entire floor from anywhere inside. They have an easily accessible bar. The smoking zone is restricted to the far corner and is good for conversations. It has a terrace which is often restricted for private parties.

Staff at the entry may be little extra cautious and strict in filtering out stags. They have a valet parking and a thorough security check for everyone’s benefit.

Staff at the bar and the bouncers are friendly. Drinks here are expensive, however you would get a Beer and a small Black Label for almost the same cost, so I would let you decide.

The DJs here (Majorly DJ Raney and his wolf pack) prefer to mix popular English tracks with Bollywood tracks and they make a great job of it too. And yes they do take requests and let you take selfies with them. Some of the Soi7 crowd that was loyal to DJ Raney follows him to his new workplace and that includes me too.

The women here dress fine as well as casual and don’t mind making new friends. There is a designated dance floor near the DJ console and the crowd enjoys dancing till late in the night.

Place starts shutting down by 4.30 am and by the time you hit the roads you get a feeling that you just witnessed a wild night thanks to STORY

— Varun Gowtham Mannava


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