X-Men : Days of Future Past – Who is Bolivar Trask?

Truth be told! This version of X-Men is quite different and bold at the same time. The plot revolves around X-Men (Good ones and the bad too) joining hands to go back into the past and change one single event that revolves around a character called Bolivar Trask. He is the brain child behind building sentinels that apparently would go on to save humanity. But ultimately the future becomes so dark that even X-Men cant save the world from these sentinels. Bolivar Trask does not hate mutants. He is only keen on the fight against the common enemy – Extinction. So he comes up with this genius programme and wants to build his sentinels with the capability of absorbing and adapting against any fellow mutants who try to destroy the sentinels. So one does wonder who will play this pivotal, ambitious and cold blooded antagonist?

Peter Dinklage is Bolivar Trask !

Now our mind has always been trained to believe that midgets are comedians in a circus or in a mainstream movie. They just run around trying to reach out for something on the table, make funny voices and faces. But in this movie we get to see a midget playing a serious villain for the first time. Peter Dinklage is pretty popular in the television industry for his acting capacity. However we get to see him perform so elegantly and sharply for the first time in a mainstream Hollywood movie, an industry that has personalities like Nicholas cage, John Trovolta who get to play villains just because they are tall and well built. Acting and conviction is hardly a factor for these tall men. Could we see such a transformation in Indian movies? Only time will tell.

Now, moving on to the plot and other characters, it looks like the writers have borrowed the storyline from the vintage Terminator series where men from future send messengers into the past. Hugh Jackman could be considered as one such terminator without the metal claws of course. Lot of importance and screen presence has been given to Jennifer Lawrence as well. Could be because is famous for tripping on the stairs en-route red carpets. Or it could be that the character she plays is the benchmark for sentinels of the future. Can someone tell me why this series is still called x-MEN when Jeniffer Lawrence, Halle Berry are all part of the mutant team ?

3D effects do impress. Especially the titles. And oh, there is comedy too. For instance it was Magneto who killed JFK. Ah, why dint the CIA think of that ? But wait, Magneto says he did not kill JFK because JFK was a mutant himself ?? See, I told you there was comedy. Jennifer Lawrence’s stunts were funny too.

–Varun Gowtham Mannava.



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