Highway – born free.. high on emotions and high on freedom

As a commuter on city roads, you would first notice that the city/ town roads are more regulated. The roads in city have parking lanes, they have no-parking boards, they have red lights, they have green lights, they have street lights, they have pedestrian crossings at every signal. The city roads have speed breakers, the city roads are polluted with smoke and noise. The city roads have no trees.

Cross the city limits, the roads are as free as your blank-mind is. Step out of the city and you’ll see that you rule the roads. You can pee anywhere, stop anywhere for a tea, stop anywhere and sleep off. Take a bath in the open, run around, shout and still no one cares. In Highways you only look forward during nights, you don’t look back because it will be pitch dark. There are no rules. Your true self comes out in no time.

A R Rahman proves why he is the Mozart of the east. Hit the roads with the songs that he has produced for this movie and slap me if you are not moved by the emotions. These are not feel good songs like Dil Chahta Hai title song but it will still disturb you. That’s the dark side of this movie. Patakha Guddi is undoubtedly the best song of the movie, both female version and AR Rahman version.

The only visible flaw I see in this movie is that Randeep Hooda speaks too much in village Hindi or some other language that sounds like Hindi but one is unable to understand the important verses in those dialogues. Watch him cry the only time in the movie, towards the end, if your tear glands are not working at their peak you can go ahead and ask for your refund!!

Oh Man you wait for that frame when you can see a little smile on Randeep Hooda’s face. He was the most understated actor since his debut in Ram Gopal Verma’s D movie where he plays an aspiring professional gangster. He has come a long way since then. This movie could be termed his best performance till date.

Imtiyaz has produced some of the unforgettable movies in modern hindi cinema. He has done his homework very well. “AAOO CHALE” is the slogan on the door of the mini van. It may sound and look like slapstick comedy, but it provides the much needed comic relief in this intense movie.

Alia Bhat who reminds of Jaden smith in expressions and looks (prominent nostrils, semi crescent eyes) has outlived all her performances till date. She excels as the innocent, talkative city girl who realises her true self and her true passion only after she gets abducted and hits the HIGHWAY. Watch her in the scenes where Randeep Hooda breaks down emotionally. Also the scenes where she protests against her parents. The scene where she sits on a rock in the midst of flushing Ganges river in Himachal Pradesh and talks to herself, doubtful if she should smile or cry, is truly unforgettable. Filmfare award for sure for this sweet girl.

Cinematography rocks. Highways are born free in true spirit. That’s what makes them different from the city roads ! You choose if you wanna be restricted like the city ones or be unleashed like the country ones???

—Varun Mannava Gowtham


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1 Response to Highway – born free.. high on emotions and high on freedom

  1. Jagan says:

    hopefully after watching I should take my rapid for a long drive with AR songs on… if i do that, then Imtiyaz has done a good job!!

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