Dhoom 3 : Can’t reveal the SECRET !

Ok. It’s pretty ambitious. Even before I write this review, the movie has already made 150 crores at the rate of 30 crores per day. So is it just in the league of all those stupid movies that made 100 crores just like that ? May be not. This movie has a secret and the secret saves the day for Aamir Khan. He does choose the scripts very carefully and he is all set to deliver.

Since Aamir Khan is the bread winner for the 3rd version of the Dhoom franchise, it would be just to talk more about him rather than the not so important characters that surround him. He keeps getting the lion’s share in the movies that he makes of late. Also when he’s around, viewers cant get enough of him so focusing more on him is justified too. He’s done his homework well. He marvels in his thief acts, circus skills and looking nerdy with gadgets. In all, he robs a particular bank four times. We are not sure how he robbed the first time. But we can presume that after stealing the bank he would have donated all the money to general public just like he does the next 4 times. Its not the money he is after. So how does he get the money for all the hi-fi BMW convertibles is a BIG question. Not to mention how he designs them. He’s just a circus man and circus these days does not make so much money. Nor are we familiar with his geeky background that makes him so proficient with techno devices that can make him fly from a terrace in Chicago. Bond movies franchise moved on from these funky gadgets for God’s sake. I guess I have made my point clear.

If these loopholes in the script were taken care of then Aamir Khan could have retained the crown of ‘Thinking Actor’. Now he has lost this crown. He has joined the league of entertainment movie bandwagon that needs more of Magic over Logic.

Now just because Aamir gets the ultra-slow motion close up stunts, Abhishek and Uday want their deal as well. So we get an auto rickshaw that can break walls and ride on rooftops in Indian slums. This was clearly not required. Grow up guys.

Katty does what she does best – smile and wave, although the strip song could have been avoided, considering the movie would be watched by all family audiences. May be the makers thought they wanna give a bit of Emraan Hashmi feel to the movie.

Welcome back Jackie Shroff, you were given the most logical and sensible role in the movie. You see, you take a loan, you have to repay it. No matter all your magic tricks and no matter if you are in the USA. Their debt ceiling is high but not that high. So killing yourself was the most logical solution.

Watch the movie for its SECRET. Rest all is not thought out so well.

–Varun Mannava Gowtham


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