Pizza 2 – The Villa

Wanna watch a no-nonsense flick ? Head straight to Pizza 2 – The Villa. This has nothing to do with the Italian delicacy Pizza. This is just a Franchise of horror movies. Pizza 1 set the trend for independent horror movies, off beat horror movies, low budget horror movies, high returns horror movies, spine chilling horror movies. This is why the production house and the director went ahead and decided to keep the name as Pizza 2 even though it is no way related to Pizza or the first part. In fact this movie elevates the Pizza franchise of horror movies to stellar levels. Something that Tamil cinema has never witnessed till date.

One tuning fork and a gong can give you so much thrill and fear? Watch this movie to experience what I mean.

The plot is pretty straight forward and focussed. Use of black magic to predict future through artistic forms. There is a French black magic expert who performs an exercise that fills the Villa with negative energy. This makes the residents predict future in artistic forms like poems, paintings, fiction stories. What’s amazing is the freshness in portraying evil. The director Deepan has done his research well. As long as he has not picked this up from some scary Korean horror movie, he has done an amazing job.

Positive Energy and Negative Energy are the two main protagonists of this movie. The explanation that the psychic gives for negative energy is mind blowing. Especially the reason why humans feel the positive vibes in a temple and not anywhere else. And how human hairs play an important role in absorbing positive energy.

With story playing King, the actors are just playing their role aptly. You can cast new comers or existing artists. It does not matter. But what matters is this movie gives the new comers the biggest break in their careers.

There are no scary faces, no blood oozing from skin but yet the movie manages to scare every nerve inside your brain. Where does Tamil cinema go from now is a big question mark. However I would suggest we just enjoy this golden era of Tamil moviedom where small budget and unexpected artists can become superstars just by sticking to logic and not getting attracted to regular formula. Pizza did it, Soodhu Kavvum did it, Moodar Koodam did it. So can Villa!

–Varun Gowtham Mannava.


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