Irandam Ulagam — Tamil Cinema has arrived in Fantasy Genre !!

One thing is sure about this move. You will be amazed at the comic like imagination that Selva Raghavan has. We all know he is the Tragedy King of Tamil Cinema ! But this movie graduates him to the Fantasy specialist.

Look, who would watch Lord of the Rings and claim its illogical ? Similarly the crew has taken enough care to create a Parallel Universe where people live like earthlings, misuse women only as objects of pleasure, celebrate their heroes and hate their villains. Care has been taken on small things from what people wear in this parallel universe to what they eat. In such an universe there is a GOD who craves for a couple to fall in love. Possibly the best scene in the movie is when flowers bloom on the entire planet at the vibes of love for the first time. I mean who can imagine such a world where there is no love and why should flowers bloom at the first instance of love? That’s the magic Selva Raghavan weaves around us!

What happens when the person you are so deeply in love dies. What happens when the person dies in the most un-imaginable yet realistic way ? you will either go mad or commit suicide! In most of the movies this happens at the end of the movie. However in this movie, the protagonist is faced with this gruesome reality at the intermission. It is almost like an extension to Selva Raghavan’s super hit 7G Rainbow colony. When you lose the love of your life in this universe you don’t have to worry. You can look for the same love in another universe. Sounds pretty crazy but we are not looking for crime report here. We are looking for imagination and fiction. This movie satisfies your hunger for fantasy.

Anushka does a tremendous job as Ramya the doctor on Earth and as Varna the wannabe warrior in the parallel universe. Arya has his wooden expressions but manages to be his micschevious self in both the roles. There is freshness in the love story that happens between Arya and Anushka on the earth. There is newness in the story between Arya and his father on the earth. Similarly there is a new angle to the love story between Varna and Arya in the Parallel universe. They both never realise that they are in love till the end of the movie. Thanks to the GOD of the parallel universe, they are in a situation where they realize their crazy love for each other.

In this time of formula movies, Tamil cinema has the guts and the money to create different movies. This may be a bit commercial but you have to appreciate the crew for targeting something that has never been attempted before. Fantasy!

The movie ends with an attempt to a third universe where Arya meets a third version of Anushka in a totally different universe. That’s the beauty of fantasy. There is no need of logic and rationaility. Enjoy the feel and visual effects of LOVE!

–Varun Gowtham Mannava


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