Contrary to popular belief, Chennai Express is quite Hilarious and entertaining

Chennai Express is a tribute to the diversity of Indian Languages and cultures in a hilarious way. There are so many people in the same country who cannot understand what their co passenger is talking (rather singing here in Chennai express, ha). And imagine the plight of people who are from the North, but still have to work in South Indian cities. Basic question in Tamil (Tamil Teriyumaa) sounds like a gaali to the person from the north. There are several instances where the word Tomorrow in Telugu also sounds very abusive in English. Well we are still one nation. Lets accept the fact that only PV Narasimha Rao was the most popular person to have known only 14 Indian languages while there are hundreds of languages. But we can still fall in love with them and their language as well. Love is a great tutor.

I was expecting a nonsensical movie like Housefull but maybe because I went with less expectations, I ended up having a good time. From the word go, there are several witty one liners where one may not get the time to take some breath and laugh. The movie runs off to the next scene. From the hilarious Antakshari scenes to the “Meena lochani asferedetstedu Sundaram” everything clicks. There is generous dose of Tamil and each time the director does not feel the need to translate. That’s what makes audiences feel what Shahrukh is going through.

Deepika Padukone’s name comes before Shahrukh’s name in the opening titles. Bollywood is definitely evolving. Kollywood and Tollywood please take note. Deepika’s Tamil may have been deliberately overdone in few areas but mostly its ok. She stresses the R letter while pronouncing words in english just like 75% of the tamilians do in their daily life. She carries the emotional scenes also with ease.

Shahrukh comes as a breath of fresh air. He has submitted himself to Rohit Shetty and just looks like an actor in a hilarious Rohit Shetty movie. He looks stylish and delivers the witty one liners with ease. He fits the role of Naughty at 40, gracefully accepting his age on screen. That Nokia Lumia ad could have been avoided. In the end he speaks many lines in Tamil fluently and is sure to win the hearts of Tamilians. He knows that if he clicks in entire India, his films will have wider reach and collections also will pour. Not to mention his Thalaivaa tribute. Rajni Fans always love the gesture of SRK honouring the Superstar on screen.

The enna maa kannu Satyaraj plays the cool candidate speaking Hindi here and there. I wonder whatever happened to the man who portrayed the anti – Hindi Thanthai Periyaar on screen.

Overall its an entertainment package. End of the day we watch movies to get entertained and this movie knows just how to keep you engaged for 2 and a half hours.

–Varun Mannava Gowtham


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