Ghanchakkar – Bollywood’s version of lock, stock and two smoking barrels


Per internet : The most common meaning of ghanchakkar is a person with a very fickle mind. To put it simply, a crazy, mad person.

Ghanchakkar – Bollywood’s version of lock, stock and two smoking barrels sans the classic gambling plot.

Raj Kumar Gupta who directed the classy “Aamir” and the controversial “No one killed Jessica” runs slightly short of pace in his latest flick. He does come up with quite a lot of genuine humour. However humour may not be his cup of tea for an entire feature film.  For example, the scenes where the Emraan Hashmi and his accomplice trio loot the bank are hilarious. A simple face mask can evoke so much laughter without the actors having to do anything. However as the movie progresses, Vidya Balan’s presence becomes more important for the director. He keeps looping her in for every 5 minutes. And all she is doing is either cooking or eating. There was a 5th character missing very badly.

Performances wise Vidya Balan’s character irritates you as her dressing sense in the movie. Emraan Hashmi plays the cool customer. Few instances where he feels proud of his memory loss to convince his accomplices that he has indeed lost his memory are well acted out. Rajesh Sharma as ‘Pandit’ and Namit Das as ‘Igris’ are your nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and enact the confusing circumstances also really well.

One has to wait the entire movie for the twist to reveal and it ends in a very classy fashion. Climax adapted from movies like ‘Snatch’ & ‘Lock, stock and two smoking barrels’.

If you can tolerate Vidya Balan and have lot of time over the weekend, you can give this movie a shot.

–Varun Mannava Gowtham

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