Varun’s New Bike!

Thats my new bike !

Varun's New BikeOk. So I have reached Gurgaon and my studio room is 7 kms away from my workplace. The autos in Gurgaon have no meters only. Leave alone turning the meters on. Fixed rates here. 3 kms : 50/- and anything between 3 – 10 kms : 100/-.  multiples of 50 you see.

So what do you do when you have to spend so much for commute and have a double chin to lose. Mental stress has proven to be a factor for weight loss but I preferred the physical stress route.

I browsed the web for a simple, light weighted and effortless riding bike and bang – ‘BSA Mach’ was the answer for it. No gears, no extra frills and yet smooth and pacey ride. I rode back all the way from the cycle showroom in Galleria mall in sector 48 to my home near Iffco chowk metro station last evening (9 KMs) and didn’t feel any muscular strain in my triceps/ thighs. Should thank the beautiful weather too. All this for 4,450/- only.

I am IN for safe riding, pollution free commuting and physcially fit commuting to work. Are you ? Cycle to work everyone! you’ll LOVE it!

–Varun Mannava Gowtham

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