Sandwich Review : Major Ingredients : ‘Bombay Talkies’ & ‘Go Goa Gone’

Alright! What do you do when so many movies are releasing every weekend? Go watch them? Of course, that’s what movie retards like me do! However, for general public, the smart public, the educated public the thumb rule is read the review and then book tickets. So how do you make people watch two movies. Busy life means limited time to read the reviews. Without reading reviews they wont book tickets! There was an Englishman (long long ago) who was too busy to eat bread, cheese, ketchup and vegetables separately. What did he do? He thought why not I put vegetables in between the bread loafs and try eating? Bam! Sandwich was born! Generations later there was a half-Tamil half-Telugu guy who watched 2 hindi movies back to back and came up with the fastest way to write a review for both the movies. Boom! Sandwich review was born!

Four short films in the Bombay Talkies are like the four loafs of bread. They are Neat. Heritage. Smelling Fresh. Tender.

Go Goa Gone provides the stuffing for the sandwich. Cheesy. Hot. Saucy. Junky yet tasty.

Bombay Talkies, a movie dedicated to the centenary of Indian cinema, has been chosen for a gala screening at Cannes International Film Festival. Courtesy Viacom 18

The loafs ought to be neat, after all 4 iconic directors have come up with their best work till date. Dibakar Banerjee is the epitome of neatness and class. For one dialogue “Ey” the number of expressions that he comes up with is simply amazing. Add to this a touching tale between a father and his daughter who wants new bed time stories! Dibakar Banerjee’s passion for expressions and dialogues are vivid through his short film.

The stuffing ought to be cheesy. Its spooky to see Raj and Krishna who directed a timeless classic like “Shor in the City” would team up to do this no logic and high carb content Zombie rip-off movie! And yet the cheese is prevalent. These days the more witty the dialogues are, the more entertaining it gets. There are plenty of one liners and counter one liners that can bring the roof down.

The loafs smell fresh! Karan Johar’s story is as fresh as this generation can consume. His work takes his boldness a level higher. He depicts a love tangle between a married couple and a gay. God knows what he was smoking but he pulls it out clean! In the end you are touched by the plot.

The stuffing is served hot! It is based in Goa and what better place on earth can be hotter than this. There’s LUNA (the heroine) who looks stunning like the female version of Harley Davidson. Add to that we have ample Russians and a rave party in the theme! They give a new meaning to the word Hardik!

The loafs symbolize heritage. Bollywood is the flour in a loaf! Anurag Kashyap’s tribute to demi-god status of Superstars in this nation is captivating. Amitabh Bachchan symbolizes the heritage that Bollywood has preserved for over 100 years. Hero worshiping has always been and will always be an integral part of Indian cinema.

Who does not want the stuffing to be junky and saucy ? Zombies provide ample sauce in the movie here. They eat human intestine. Even the gore looks funny here. Its too saucy but still the crowds like it. There is a lot of junk the lead characters are addicted to. They live in an alternate world with alternate breathing of smoke instead of oxygen and alternate drinking of booze instead of water. So much junk and yet the crowds like it. May be because in the end there is a message that Drugs make you a Zombie for real!

The loafs need to be tender for smooth digestion. Zoya’s tender childhood dream story walks a thin line between differentiating her short film from other recent kids movies like ‘Taare Zameen Par’. It teaches the tender hearts to protect their dreams!

Now mix the Loafs (Bombay Talkies) and Stuffing (Go Goa Gone) for a tasty consumption. Bollywood served hot and tasty on your desktops through this ‘Sandwich Review’

Saif Ali Khan's Go Goa Gone draws anti-smoking flak

— Varun Mannava Gowtham

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